-MAC School in Quebec and Islamic Education in Britain

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) submitted a rezoning application to add a Private Islamic School to Lessard Mall. They also run Pre School and After School programs. While we have no information at this point about what MAC is currently teaching in their school or what they will be teaching in the future, we do have some information about a school (Dar Al Iman School in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal), that is affiliated with MAC in Quebec. As you can see in the article below, the school and MAC are openly sharing the vision and the philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood:

“The director of the school said that … ” his organization has no “Organizational” affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, even if it shares their vision and philosophy of religion. “We’re not the Muslim Brotherhood but it does not mean we have anything against them,” he summarizes.”

Since Lessard Mall is owned and managed by MAC, it is likely that the same philosophy and ideology will be taught right here in our neighborhood. As well, by now there is quite a lot of information about a network of more than 40 Islamic Schools in Britain. The British Government is taking several steps to ensure that similar schools will not be approved:

We are determined to ensure that those who have access to public money and those who are shaping young minds, do not peddle an extremist agenda.” (Michael Gove, Education Secretary)

With MAC sharing the Muslim Brotherhood ‘s vision and philosophy of  religion, how do we ensure that an extremist ideology (similar to what has been found in British Islamic Schools),  will not be encouraged here in Lessard Islamic Centre?

 We encourage you to read the following information:

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________________________________________________________________________________ Quebec Government subsidizes an Islamic school openly linked with the Muslim Brotherhood

By Vincent Larouche November 25th 2010 Published on Rue Frontenac Translation to Enlish of Subventions controversées à des intégristes musulmans by Point de Bascule.

The Quebec Government subsidizes a controversial Montreal Muslim school to the tune of $555,500 annually – this to a school that claims to be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. The Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist organization whose mission is to advocate the establishment of an Islamic government and which has also led to the founding of Hamas in Palestine. Criticized by many for its affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, the institution gladly opened its doors to Rue Frontenac in order to counter what it qualifies as “paranoia”.

 Mr. Lazhar Aissaoui, the director ofthe Dar Al Iman School in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal, says with great assurance and pride that “I introduce my students to tolerance a lot more than the public school would”. The director, wearing a grey suit is calm and smiling as he leads the visit of his establishment and allows the Rue Frontenac photographer to take as many pictures as he wishes. The female teachers, their heads covered with an Islamic veil, look at the visitors with an amused look. Lazhar Aissaoui wants to show that there is nothing to hide. He is aware that his school has its critics. Dar Al Iman school clearly states on its internet website that it is affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), a Muslim charitable organisation. Lazhar Aissaoui is also part of the board of directors of the MAC which, according to the Canada Revenu Agency, reported approximately $ 16 million worth of assets, and revenues of $ 9 million in 2009.

 On its website, MAC declares that “Its modern roots can be traced to the Islamic revival of the early twentieth century, culminating in the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood“. It also says that “This movement influenced Islamic activities, trends and intellectual discourse throughout the world including those of Muslims who came to Canada in search of freedom, education and better opportunities.” Although it remains perfectly legal in Canada, the Muslim Brotherhood movement is highly controversial within the Muslim community.

Liberal Interpretation of the Koran

Advocating a literal interpretation of the Koran and a complete Islamization of society, the movement has been instrumental in giving rise to the Palestinian Hamas, a group that stepped up suicide bombings and attacks against the secular Palestinian movements.

The founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, author Tarek Fatah, is outraged that a school claiming the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is subsidized by the Quebec government. “It’s unfortunate that taxpayers’ dollars fund them. We should be worried. The MAC is not a religious organization; it is a political organization. They are against Western civilization and the essence of their philosophy is anti-Semitic, anti-gays and anti-women,” he protested. Salma Siddiqui, vice-president of the Muslim Canadian Congress also denouncedthat “they have taken the religion and turned it into a political matter. They believe in a strong Islamist ideology and they want to import it here” he said.

During the interview, the director of the school, Lazhar Aissaoui, responded with righteous indignation to what he considers to be paranoid and unfair accusations on behalf of the Muslim Canadian Congress. “Nowhere in the world are the Muslim Brotherhood considered terrorists, but by Tarek Fatah “, he said with indignation. He added that his organization has no “Organizational” affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, even if it shares their vision and philosophy of religion. “We’re not the Muslim Brotherhood but it does not mean we have anything against them,” he summarizes. Lazhar Aissaoui condemns terrorism stating that the attacks of 9-11 were a horrible crime and that “crime has no religion”.

When we asked him about his willingness to establish an Islamic State and tribunals, he appeared more annoyed. “Why bring up this question here? There is no plan to apply or implement this in Canada. That’s for Muslim countries”, he said, “what we say to our members is to start by being good Muslims, youand your family. As society will be composed of families, so society will become Muslim”, explains the director.

The Ministry of Education Permit

He explained that the 238 students of Dar Al Iman School strictly follow the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, which provides 25 hours of class per week. The school adds two hours of Arabic, one hour ofIslamic studies and one hour of koranic studies. The Ministry of Education confirms that the institution has been approved as a private school eligible for State funding since the school year 2006-2007 for the primary level, and from 2007-2008 for preschool. It receives just over half a million dollars a year. “It’s important to know that the MAC does not hold a permit for a private school from the Education Ministry” said spokesperson Simon Fortin. The permit holder is the Dar Al Iman Institute which is the licensee that receives the subsidy from the ministry. Before receiving their provincial accreditation, the Institution that manages the school on behalf of the MAC had to demonstrate its respect for Quebec’s educational standards added the spokesperson.

 However, officials should further their investigations suggests the former Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) executive Michel Juneau-Katsuya. “I would guess they are monitored by CSIS who will not discard the philosophy behind the Muslim Brotherhood. It may appear that they now present a less harsh and radical perspective than before,yet they continue to advocate a very Islamist perspective of society. The fact that they receive money for a school should invite questions by officials”.

Source: RueFrontenac.com

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