-Opposing Hassan al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood Is Not Some Kind of Racism

2 Septembre 2010

Opposing Hassan al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood Is Not Some Kind of Racism.

A reply to Issam Saleh, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who threatens to sue Edmontonians opposed to the opening of an Islamic school in their neighbourhood
By Marc Lebuis and Étienne Harvey

After they learned about the Muslim Association of Canada’s intentions to run an Islamic school in their Lessard/Gariepy area of Edmonton, 60% of the residents signed a petition opposing the project. [CTV – August 20, 2010]
Initially their objections were based on zoning considerations. As they learned more and more about the ideological background of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), their objections came to include the danger of having an organisation openly supporting jihad and suicide bombing that would run a school in their neighbourhood. The Lessard Petition Campaign has set up its own website to explain the motives supporting its opposition.
The MAC is the Canadian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), an organization whose motto concludes with “Jihad is our way” and “Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope”. A previous article published on Point de Bascule exposed the totalitarian ideology of the organization and that of its founder Hassan al-Banna. On its own website, the MAC pledges to implement al-Banna’s ideology as “the best representation of Islam”.
Unable to refute the objections brought up by the residents, Issam Saleh, the MAC leader in Edmonton, tried to silence his critics by threatening to sue them for so-called “Islamophobia” in the Edmonton Sun [August 19, 2010].
The very notion of Islamophobia has been developed in the late eighties by Islamists to make their critics pass for irrational haters of Muslims. The MB’s recourse to this concept is flawed for the simple fact that many of its critics are Muslims themselves. Many of the most eloquent expositions written against the MB’s ideology have been produced by Muslims. Many of the most courageous stands against the MB have been taken by Muslims. Consequently, condemning the MB cannot be equated to condemning Muslims in general.
To make this point as clear as possible, we submit to you various examples from different parts of the world that involve Muslims resisting the attempts by the MB to implement shariah [Islamic law] in the various facets of life.
Canada: Fatima Houda-Pépin led the opposition to the introduction of shariah in 2005
When the Ontario Legislature contemplated the idea of allowing shariah tribunals on its own territory, it was a Muslim woman, Fatima Houda-Pépin, who took the lead in explaining why this initiative had to be stopped. Originally from Morocco, she knew that shariah means, amongst others things, a systematic discrimination towards women. As a member of the Québec National Assembly, Houda-Pépin managed to gather a unanimous support from her fellow MNAs into adopting a motion against the introduction of shariah in Canada.
In the speech that she gave before the motion was adopted, she mentioned that Saudi Arabia was directly behind the initiative. She identified a meeting held in Washington in 1991 by the Saudi World Muslim League (MWL – Rabita al-Islamya) as the starting point of the campaign aiming at introducing shariah in North America. In 2005, Ontario was chosen as the North American weak link to do so.
In 2005, many MB leaders tried to discredit Fatima Houda-Pépin and also to mislead the public into believing that the shariah principles applied in Canada would somehow differ from the shariah principles applied in Muslim countries. Jamal Badawi, who was identified on a 2007 MAC webpage as a member of the MAC board of directors, told the Montreal Gazette [Mar 12, 2005, p. A6]: “What do we have to do with what happens in Sudan or Afghanistan? Did anyone say we have to apply the laws of [those countries] in Canada?”
What has to be understood is that the implementation of shariah is a gradual process. Shariah has one set of rules but many levels of penetration or implementation. These levels vary from country to country, even from area to area within a single country [e.g. Nigeria]. While Canada is currently less shariah compliant than Great-Britain, and Great-Britain less than Syria, and Syria less than Saudi Arabia, nothing is static. The MB with its substantial financial backing in petrodollars is working hard at implementing shariah wherever it sets up branches.
To confirm this point, it is worth mentioning that Feisal Adbul Rauf, the MB operative behind the New York mosque being planned for Ground Zero, is leading a team of Muslim scholars whose task is precisely to come up with a shariah index. Rauf’s website describes the index as an “Islamic legal benchmark for measuring [the] Islamicity of a state”. The shariah index is a tool that the MB will use to plan its future campaigns, to determine which Western country shows the least resistance to the implementation of shariah, where more Islamist propagators should be sent and so forth.
Rauf’s shariah project has been named the Cordoba Initiative while the name of the mosque planned for Ground Zero is Cordoba House. Cordoba refers to the city that became the capital of Islamic Spain in 716 after it was conquered by Muslim troops in 711. The Muslim conquerors proclaimed their domination of Spain to the world by demolishing the St Vincent Christian Basilica and by building a very large mosque in its place.

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Point de Bascule (Tipping Point) is an independent organization that promotes individual freedom by exposing the various ways by which Islamists are trying to implement their agenda.



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