– Love Thy Neighbors: Night commotion at the Mall

August 16, 2010

Dear Sir:  

The reason I complained about what is going on at the Mall, is that on Sunday night I was awaken by a lot of noise and multiple cars leaving the mall after 12: 15 a.m.  The headlights on the cars were reflecting on my bedroom window and the walls. It was very frightening. I have never experienced anything like it.  I am extremely upset that no one prepared us or notified us about these upcoming night events.

I understand that these late night services are going to last for a whole month!  I definitely do not look forward to more sleepless nights.  I am also not looking forward to other religious or social night events that are being organized in the Mall (i.e., fundraising or other social celebrations).  The Mall was built to have several small businesses that will serve the community mostly during the day and with very little activity at night. This is changing now and it will impact our lives in a very negative way.  We,  and the neighbors who live just a few meters away knew that we had bought our houses close to a Shopping Mall and we were prepared to deal with the impact of having small businesses located in a close proximity to us. We did not plan to live besides a massive religious centre that will affect our lives days and nights.  MAC should have chosen an appropriate site for such intense activities, not a small residential mall that was not built for it and with neighbors who live just 2-3 meters away.

I have lived in this house for over 20 years and never experienced the anxiety that the mall is creating in the last few months.  In the past we had several businesses at the mall, i.e.,  restaurant and bar, but there was never such brouhaha going on.

It is already noted that MAC is not following the rules, there are “tons” of people on Friday parking all over the streets surrounding the area. The Ukrainian Church has been in this area for years.  They have organized summer barbecues or other social events, but never has the neighborhood complained about noise or unruly parking.  Their events were done by 11:00 p.m. The Church has always showed respect to their neighbors.

I would suggest that MAC ask their members to reduce their night activities and carpool so that the area is not overloaded by cars, trucks, etc.  There was a sign on their property that said  “Love thy neighbors” as it is cited in the Qu’ran.   May I suggest that it be practiced by MAC?


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